Company Overview


Our Approach


Personal Service

We pride ourselves on the delivery of a personal, value for money service.


Our clients work closely with Senior Personnel and Directors.


We stay ahead of the market with an innovative approach to business and our assured future. Economic restraints and technological advancements have led us to reconsider how we conduct our business and the range of services we provide. We have listened to what our customers are saying and, as a consequence, we have structured our business model to meet their demands.


Virtual Function

For some of our customers we operate as a ‘virtual property department’. Rather than employ their own full time Chartered Surveyors, we manage all their property requirements including sourcing & negotiating, construction & refurbishment, projects & property management, acquisition & disposals.


Our clients can reduce annual overheads, free up capital and concentrate on growing their core businesses. This flexibility enables companies to alter the flow and type of work dependent upon their individual set of circumstances.

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