Dilapidations are breaches of a covenant to repair a building contained in a lease.

They fall into two distinct categories:



  • Where we are instructed to evaluate and defend a client.
  • Is the scope of the schedule of dilapidations accurate?
  • Is the standard of repair required by the schedule justified?
  • Are there any statutory reliefs available to the tenant?
  • How and when should any repairs be conducted or is a negotiation of a financial settlement in lieu of damages preferable?



The instruction being to prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations for serving on a Tenant. Preparation of accurate schedules that will stand legal scrutiny and can be negotiated and enforced. Whether acting for the landlords or tenants we have experienced staff who are able to advise the parties involved at the crucial stages of entering into the lease and towards the closing stages as a terminal schedule of dilapidations should be anticipated.

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