Property Valuations

Fairhurst Estates has a wealth of experience undertaking various capital and rental commercial valuations nationally, which are in accordance with the latest RICS Red Book Guidance Notes and Practice Statements used by Chartered Surveyors.

Upon receipt of an instruction, an experienced Chartered Surveyor and RICS registered valuer will review all relevant documents, including leases (where applicable) and then inspect and measure the premises. Research will be undertaken into the values in the area and discussions will be undertaken with the local planning authority to ascertain whether there are any proposed developments locally, which could have an impact on the valuation.

In accordance with the client’s instruction, a Commercial Valuation Report will be prepared which will include photographs; an OS extract plan; a description of the premises; a lease summary (where applicable) and a valuation.

If you like to receive more information or instruct us to carry out a property valuation

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