Ratings & Ratings Appeals

All companies who occupy premises need to pay non-domestic rates on the premises, which they either own or lease. As of 1 April 2008, all companies must also pay non-domestic rates on empty premises for which they are responsible.


  • The non-domestic rates are an annual charge payable to the local authority based on the Rateable Value which is calculated as the hypothetical rent for the accommodation that you are responsible for, whether it is occupied or not occupied.
  • If part of the premises has been demolished, then it is essential to lodge a Rating Appeal as the rating charge is based on the lettable space.
  • The current rateable value was last re-assessed in 2010.
  • The next assessment takes place in 2017.

Fairhurst Estates has a wealth of experience in negotiating with Valuation Officers throughout the United Kingdom and dealing with Rating Appeals that deliver a successful outcome, in order to keep rating liabilities to a minimum.


Following receipt of instruction:


  • A Chartered Surveyor skilled in Ratings Appeals will inspect the premises and investigate the Rateable Value.
  • If it is considered to be excessive then a Rating Appeal will be lodged on your behalf.
  • Negotiations will commence with the Valuation Officer to agree to a revised Rateable Value, based upon local market evidence.
  • Soon after a settlement to a reduced Rateable Value has been agreed, an appropriate refund is issued by the local authority.

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