Strategic Asset Management

FEL’s smart Strategic Asset Management team focus on maximising the potential of their clients’ property investments through astute knowledge of the market and shrewd forward planning.

Whether individual properties or multi-site portfolios, the audit and review of existing property holdings can identify key issues and highlight opportunities affecting property value for instance:

  • Lease expiry
  • Assessment of development potential
  • Development site assembly
  • Building condition and dilapidations
  • Break Clauses

The capital value of a property can often be significantly enhanced by FEL’s sound and timely advice on:

  • Rent review
  • Lease renewal
  • Variation of lease terms
  • Selling and reinvesting

Typical examples of asset management initiatives we have undertaken for our clients are as follows:

  • Conducting strategic reviews of operational and non-operational property portfolios to identify opportunities to add value for occupiers and investors alike
  • Managing/reducing day-to-day costs associated with surplus properties
  • Maximising income/letting opportunities
  • Rationalising surplus accommodation and re-letting
  • Exploiting development potential and advising on complete or partial disposal of individual sites or property portfolios
  • Negotiating surrenders of leases and re-gearing of leases
  • Advice on alternative use of property to maximise returns

For help and advice or to simply find out more about our asset management initiatives

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